Bike Theft is a City is always present, its' there - a part of City life some would say. But why should it be? You work for it, you paid for it, its' your bike! No-one has the right to take it but you.

A little over a year ago, Social Media was full of the exploits of local bike theft gangs, bragging and burning bikes seemingly without recourse. It was around this time that a Biker approached Avon and Somerset Police and suggested they involve the biking community. Following these meets, an appeal was put out for members of a New Independant Advisory Group.  No force in the country had ever attempted to before - so it was new ground. Other forces are not only fighting the Bike Thieves, but the vigilantes that are out Hunting them. Meanwhile, in Bristol the appeal paid off - A number of local bikers, businesses and residents stepped up to the plate. Each bringing unique skills and diverse experiences to the table. 

ASP admitted action was not as good as it should have been before. They said they wished to be held to account. That is exactly what we do - and it isn't always pretty! Both sides have had some interesting meetings. But the results have so far been good with better funding for Police, Huge Increases in Convictions and the bonding of the greater Biking Community of Bristol for the Cause. Not forgetting the best result of course!  The Bristol Bike Theft Awareness Ride....and the rest as they say, is history.

Moving on, though we are not a charity, campaign group or funded entity we will educate on security, campaign for appropriate sentencing and make people aware of theft through volunteers who are the eyes and ears. Thieves can only operate freely when no-one is watching. Watch each others bikes, watch the thieves, CALL IT IN! - Take back Your Communities and Your City!

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