Our relationship with CanTrack is purely down to you. A year or two ago we asked you what YOU wanted from a tracker when we were discussing the subject of trackers. You listed what you wanted and expected and we went and found something that fitted the bill, at least as near as it could. No tracker would have met all you demands, but this was all but spot on!  The only thing it did not meet was the ability to check whenever you felt like. This is an Asset Tracker, so it wasn't going to have Fleet Tracker functionality - you can have a fleet tracker if you like, they do fit them, but the point is getting your asset back, and the covert unit is so successful because it is Covert....a difference from the industry 12% for fleet type trackers that are 'always on' to 96% for this covert system. So although it is a new concept in 'trusting the technology' - its' beneficial.

The Cantrack T7 Plus had just been released when we approached Cantrack. It had an extended battery life of 7 years.They were only previously experienced with Plant and Vehicles such as Mercedes Vans that come wih Cantrack as standard. Being built for plant, it could handle mud, knocking around and drowning in water with no ill effects. Cantrack proved its' strength by driving a road roller over it!

So the Cantrack T7 lends itself Perfectly for all Motorcycles, and particularly Motocross Bikes which have no batteries fitted. These benefits along with the ability to be found in vans and containers routinely by a team of investigators that are dispatched to find YOUR bike on report of theft, make the Cantrack T7 a system worthy of our backing. 

Not only that - Cantrack agreed to a discount scheme which offered a heavily discountd rate and even a 3 year fixed term rental scheme that is so cheap it enables those with multiple bikes to afford to keep them all covered. There is no other scheme like it anywhere. We make no money from it, as with all our special deals, we pass all savings directly onto you.

Fill out the Form, and you will be put directly through to our Account Manager in Cantrack Global who will  go through the unit, answer any questions to have or cover its many attributes, set you up and send your unit which is usually  with you next day.


Thank You - Your Enquiry will be sent Directly to Our Cantrack Account Manager.