Special Offers from UKBTA Supporters

We have a number of Companies that Support UKBTA Group including Dealers, Security Product manufactuers and more. Many of the products we test and ensure they meet the demands of us motorcyclists.

When we are talking Security, there is never really a 'Perfect' product - but we will weigh up the pro's and Con's for you and offer good products and good advice, reviewing and talking you through the points each have to offer.

We do not make anything from these products, we have negotiated some fantastic deals and ALL the savings have been passed onto you. 

Deals are open to all regional Groups, UKBTA (Bristol), DBTA (Dorset), WBTA (Wilts), SWBTA, (South Wales) and so on....no-one is missed out, and if you are - you let us know an we will personally make sure it is sorted for you.

Drop down on the menu above, and pick the area of interest and this will lead you to the supporters own offer page that will cover everything from Trackers to Chains.