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Cantrack T7

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Having had some background in the Automotive Electronics Industry one of our guys has been looking into Trackers for you. Now, there were some issues people we spoke to came up with;

Expense Durability Jamming Devices Shipping Containers Vans and Lorries GPS Scanners Cutting Power Leads and Tearing them Out. Bike Battery Life Motocross Bikes.

We hope to have encompassed everything you have asked for . Taken strong and weak points, weighed up pro's and cons and sorted through the plethora of units available.

One stood clear. If was from Cantrack. The T7 was initially designed for tracking Plant, its' nature of being outdoors in mud, getting a battering but remaining unaffected lends itself to Motorcycles very well. Many Motorcycles are now being tracked with Cantrack T7 and unsurprisingly that they are flocking to this company with an impressive 93% recovery rate within 8 hours.

Lorries, Vans and Shipping Containers are everyday fare for Plant thieves, so throwing your bike in one is no weak point with the T7. They have ways of making it talk! Whilst on the subject of weakness - it takes a beating! This has literally been run over by a road roller and barely marked the unit. So, it isn't going to be smashed anytime soon!

Jamming and Tracking devices are available and that is a risk with many units. Cantrack has a trick, and it means that they can scan to their hearts content, try and trace wires, it won't give away its' position! It has no need for Power. A built in Battery that last for 3-5years on a motorcycle means your bike battery is unaffected. So ideal for Motocross.

"Next you'll be telling us it comes with its' own SWAT team, right?"......Well, Yes, It kind of does - Not SWAT exactly, but a team of Ex Police and Forces that are dispatched as soon as your vehicle is reported stolen and working alongside the Police, go and recover it for you. Not many have that to offer you do they?

So to Cost - a similar tracking system sits at around £360. Plus £100 a year tracking fee.

At £199 and £62 Tracking Fee the Cantrack comes out favourably here too

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