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CanTrack have been very supportive on promoting trackers with us and helping our

members. Members can enjoy such a good discount over the next 6 weeks that it

caused a few teething issues. These have now been sorted out and you can order

direct using the discount in the newsletter that will go out shortly.

The T7+ has extended battery life of 25%. It is still impervious to jammers and

scanning devices, it still is self powered and still can be found even if in a containers

by a team of Ex-Forces and Police.

The T7+ is about to go through the same testing that it's older brother did to gain

insurance approval so will be approved by the last quarter of this year.

Having been in the industry, however, it doesn't make a huge difference if any to

your policy premium.

Details will be on the newsletter for members, if you don't have membership - sign up

or visit the Facebook Page

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