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Lawsons' Long Overdue Post:

So it’s payday (well for me anyway) its summer and we’re all polishing our beautiful bikes and adding little trinkets to them! Some shorty levers, aftermarket exhaust, maybe a new set of leathers to adorn our well toned, bike ready bodies after training all winter....But what about the not so sexy things?

How’s your security looking? Have you saved a few pennies towards a boring, durable heavy chain, an uninspiring disk lock or a very well hidden never to be seen tracker? No? Well let us help you with that!

Just in case you’ve forgotten we’ve done a blinder for you with two already reasonably priced Trackers that have been discounted further just for YOU!

Pop through the previous posts and you’ll see the two offers Cantrack and Track it GPS. These guys understand the issues, it’s their business to, and they want to do whatever they can to ensure that the bike you love, stroke and tuck up nicely each evening is still there and unmolested the following morning.


Ok so things have run at a bit of a lightening pace if we’re honest. From approaching ASP with “There’s a problem! What ya gonna do about it?” nearly 2 years ago, to an awareness ride and a Q&A we’re now in a position where were knocking on the doors of Really, Really BIG players!

If the plans we have happen (and we are pushing, pulling and coercing for it to happen) It will be a MASSIVE game-changer for the biking community not just locally but nationally! We asked in a previous post and we’re asking again – PLEASE SHARE AND INVITE PEOPLE TO THIS PAGE! I want to be able to sit in front of the people that really matter and play the numbers game and one way to do that is show, in simple clear numbers, the amount of people who this theft epidemic is affecting!

As always thank you for your support. We couldn’t achieve this without you!

So get your trackers, get sharing, get inviting and wish us luck.


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