• UKBTA Team

Master Tag Sceme (datatag)

Most common bikes registered AFTER 2013 have a Master Tag sticker on the frame.

Triumph fit at factory, others from point of sale (dealer). This marks various

parts of the bike and its' components with a unique DNA serial number that means it

can be traced, even if broken down into parts.

Many dealers are quite sharp on UPDATING USED BIKE OWNERSHIP - but NOT ALL!

As part of your security ensure your details are listed as the New Owner. There is a

small admin fee, but that is all! It means you bike is 6 times LESS LIKELY to be stolen

according to figures released by the Motorcycle Industry Association.

If your Motorcycle is too old for the scheme, then you can retro-fit a datatag system

at any point.

To check or update your registration contact Master Scheme.

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