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Not in Your Name - Smarter Appeals

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

BBTA Spreading the Word through the Community - not your Identity!

Your Bike has been STOLEN...Whats' the first thing you do? Tell the WORLD! Make everyone aware that YOUR BIKE IS STOLEN. It can work wonders with Family, Friends, Social Media Pages. But when YOU have done this, everyone knows who YOU are. The Thieves, Trolls and Media reporters scanning media for 'Public Domain' information they can publish - like who you are and where you live. Before you know it - you're being sent messages about your bikes' location. Having it returned, intelligence on the thieves. You're firmly on the roller-coaster that the thieves love. Take your bike and taunt you about it, raise you hopes and laugh in your face!

Of course, You could just sit back and laugh in theirs. Keep you identity out of the limelight, but let the word spread through the largest, most well connected community in your City.......

Being the ONLY site to be endorsed by Avon and Somerset Police, BBTA have direct contact with ASP and the correct information straight off the press. So you know what you see and hear is correct - not hearsay. We have a huge following of bikers and community members throughout the area, and well beyond who will spread the word far faster than you can with all the best will in the world. We will post on all the stolen bike pages and many more - just NOT IN YOUR NAME!

We will Protect your identity from Trolls, Thieves and Media whilst telling the world that your bike is stolen.

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