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This bike was discovered during a sweep of the area by one of the BBTA Recovery Teams in Bristol.

Getting a sniff of something not quite right, he pulled in and checked the bike out. It appeared to be unlocked and a passer by stated a lad had pushed it there only 5 minutes ago and left.

Calling it into Avon and Somerset Police Quoting Op Buell, found it had only just been reported stolen and the owner was nearby. They were reunited with their bike, luckily before it suffered in the hands of thieves!

Thanks to our Recovery Team Member, good spotting! This was the second vehicle this morning that was quickly returned!

These guys are often overlooked, and do this voluntarily. They are extremely dedicated and work tirelessly to get bikes back to owners. They cover costs themselves as we are all self funded. You can hep cover fuel costs by donating using the button at the top of the page. That will help patrols cover the cost, and also help us continue to serve the community.

YOU CAN HELP OUR RECOVERY TEAMS, AND BE A PART OF IT - Be vigilant...see anything looking odd, let us know! See a bike dumped or stashed, let us know! ......

Thanks in Advance


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