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Big heads up for the Biking Community of Dorset and the members of Dorset Bike Theft Awareness. Intel came in through a member knowing the whereabouts of a KSR that was stolen just last night.

The bike has been located with a fake plate

and it now back at home.

This is a perfect example of how the Community can help each other and be the eyes and ears in their areas. Dorset is still a fledgling group but is doing some fantastic work! The members who have joined are passionate and dedicated to making their county Bike safe!

You know who you are! Well Done!

Seen a Bike that looks stolen or in an odd place? See kids riding bikes around places they shouldn't? Pushing a bike or something looks odd? Let us know or call 101 and call it in!

You can use our Contact page or message Dorset Bike Theft Awareness Direct.


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