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RECOVERED - AJS MODENA 125 - WU16 GXX - Red & White Crime Ref: AS-20181121-1034

This distinctive Red and White AJS Modena 125 was taken fom College Street Crapark in Bristol whilst the owner was visiting The Hippodrome.

It has a White Top Box and has a distinctive Red/White chequer board decal theme. So will be easily recognised.

Have you seen this bike being pushed anywhere? Seen it stashed in a side road or people hanging around it? Whatever part of the city please keep your eyes open and report anything you see on 999/101 quoting the Crime Reference above. If you have any intelligence on where the bike may be and you wish to remain anonymous you are free to use our contact page.

As always, please SHARE far and wide and lets' see if we can get this bike home to its' owner.

Thanks in Advance


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