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RECOVERED - DISABILITY SCOOTER - FJ11 FLR - Black - Crime Ref: 5218218655

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

This NIPPY 125 Sport is a disability Scooter designed and adapted for a wheelchair user.

Whoever took this is either a very needy attention seeker or is likely thick as two short planks. It is hardly going to get you and gang or street cred or prove you are daring, stealing from a disabled person! This is the Second time this person has had their scooter stolen.

It was taken from the SOUTHVILLE part of Bristol on Friday 28th/Saturday 29th September 2018. If you have seen this being ridden around, please let us know. If you took it - park it up and let us know where it is.

Please SHARE far and wide, lets see if someone can see this and report it in - its' very distinctive and shouldn't be hard for anyone to notice. If you have dashcam footage or CCTV you can download to our site, no questions asked.

Any Intel or information call 101/999 quoting the reference number above.

Thnaks in Advance


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