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Thanks for Sharing.....

You often see us asking you; 'Please SHARE Far and Wide' - We don't often get a chance to say Thank You!

Sharing is so important! It not only spreads the word of stolen bikes in or out of your area, but it enables YOU the community to play a part and take action. It may only seem a small part to play but it really is vital!

Many bikes find it home due to intelligence handed in through posts you have shared! Be proud of what you have achieved and please keep it up!

So a Huge Thank You to you all from us and undoubtedly from the owners of featured bikes..

'But I Want to do More!'

Some of you are not satisfied with this and plead that you want to do more. We won't ask you to join us, form patrols or anything else that would put yourself at possible risk. But you CAN do something!

Last year we started the 'Community Take Back' groups designed to enable communities to fight back against the thieves and associated anti social behaviour around their neighbourhoods.

CTB groups are a great way of using your knowledge of the neighbourhood to shut down stash points, chop shops, and close the net around their activities. There is an old Chinese Proverb that says 'water can carry boat, also can sink boat'.

You are essentially the water here, the very neighbourhoods that they terrorise, show off to, brag about their exploits and attempt to intimidate are the same people that know who they are, where they live, their families, and what they get up to. Those neighbourhoods that include the teachers at their schools, their own families wanting to save them from being hurt, the victims wanting it to end. You are a vast ocean of knowledge - you can download any intelligence or even CCTV/Dashcam footage on our contact page anonymously, or through your CTB group.

So, if you wish to be more active without any risk. Take Back your Community with a CTB Group, let us know anything you know and clean up your neighbourhoods. Keep eyes and ears open and call it in or let us know!

Stealing Bikes and terrorising the neighbourhood floats their boat, but you and your community can easily sink it!

Once Again, Thank You for Sharing Far and Wide and helping your fellow bikers in need and also being tolerant of us keep asking for you to Share! We try not to irritate, but it is so important so please never grow tired or feel it isn't appreciated. Every share is important and appreciated by everyone!

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