Cantrack & Bristol Bike Theft Awareness

Ben and Daniel from Cantrack give us an introduction to Cantrack Global and the T7Plus. They explain how we came to deal with them, and what Cantrack can offer as a solution and why. 

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Jammers and Scanners. What are They?


Very Quick Video demonstration of what scanners and Jammers do to most of the Trackers on the Market today. ​As thieves get more desperate, they will take a vehicle even if they think it is tracked, and using one of these devices locate the tracker and remove it and destroy it. Cantrack who present this video have that base covered!

How to Secure your Bike

YouTube User London MT-07 shows you how to secure your motorcycle properly from thieves.

We see far too many bikes with chains around the front wheel, locked to a post that the chain has been thrown over or even without locks at all! This useful instructional video will show you how tokeep your bike a bit safer on our City Streets.

Almax Chain Cropping Test.

Alex from Almax Security was an owner that was rather annoyed at spending £300 on chains and them seemingly being breached in no time by thieves. So he decided he was going to make one that did what it said on the tin - with British Steel too!  His passion has seen him upset a few people when he realised that testing was more a paper chase and golden handshake than proper testing. Here is puts chains to the test to see how long they stand up.

Tech Tricks to be Aware of.

Yes, it is a Tech-Savvy world out there. Security is often overcome. In order to Beat the Thief, you need to know what THEY know. Take a look at their gadgets and find a solution that works for you.